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Welcome to St. Augustine by-the-Sea

We are a loving, open and socially-engaged community focused on celebration, support and connection with each other and with God. While we have been known as a church on the forefront of social change, our faith is grounded in practicing Jesus’ teachings to love one another as he loves us, and in challenging each other to follow Christ.

We believe that everyone is loved by God, no exceptions.

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What's Happening

Class - Are You a Member? Sun Sept 17, 9:15a

Join Rev. Nate and Rev. Katie for a conversation on what it means to be a member of the body of Chri…

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Deciding to be baptized in adulthood

In church, Larissa shared some of her spiritual journey into baptism as an adult. Here's her story:"…

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Christianity & the Episcopal Church - Inquirer's Class

Join us for this in-depth course on the fundamentals of Christianity through the lens of the Episcop…

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Homecoming Weekend Sept 9-10, 2017

This weekend we celebrate the patron saint of our parish - Augustine of Hippo!Sat Sept 9 - All Paris…

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Memorial: Rose Wagner Rawson - 11am Thurs. Aug 17

The memorial service for Rose Wagner Rawson will be held here at St. Augustine by-the-Sea at 11am on…

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