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Welcome to St. Augustine by-the-Sea

We are a loving, open and socially-engaged community focused on celebration, support and connection with each other and with God. While we have been known as a church on the forefront of social change, our faith is grounded in practicing Jesus’ teachings to love one another as he loves us, and in challenging each other to follow Christ.

We believe that everyone is loved by God, no exceptions.

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What's Happening

Being received into the Episcopal Church

On Sunday Nov 19 Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce will be receiving some of our parishioners into the Epis…

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Reflection - Joining in God’s ‘ever-rollingness’

"When we give, we are participating in the personhood of God. We are participating in what is most r…

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Reflection - Exercising a Generous Power

"God invests in each of us the power to transform the world. When we devote our time, our spiritual …

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Class - What is Advent? Sun. Nov. 26

Happy New Year! Advent is the beginning of the Christian year, a sacred four-week season where we pr…

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Thanksgiving Day Worship - 10am

Start your Thanksgiving Day by offering praise and thanksgiving to God, creator of all. Center yours…

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