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Welcome to St. Augustine by-the-Sea

We are a loving, open and socially-engaged community focused on celebration, support and connection with each other and with God. While we have been known as a church on the forefront of social change, our faith is grounded in practicing Jesus’ teachings to love one another as he loves us, and in challenging each other to follow Christ.

We believe that everyone is loved by God, no exceptions.

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What's Happening

Class: Rediscovering the Lord's Prayer, Suns Nov 11, 18, 25

At the center of the Christian life is the one prayer Jesus taught his disciples to say, the Lord’…

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Class: Celebrating the Communion of Saints, Sun Nov 4, 9:15am

In Christ we are united to one another in bonds that transcend even the power of death. Come explore…

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Blog - Transforming Generosity

Dear St. A's family, As Christians, we worship a God of unbounded grace and love. God's grace is re…

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Forum: Support for Asylum Seekers, Fri 10/19 10:30am-12:30pm

Join Rev. Nate at this vital presentation on how congregations and communities can support asylum se…

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Blog - Blessing discomfort, anger, tears and foolishness

A Franciscan blessing for us all:May God bless you with discomfort. Discomfort at easy answers, half…

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